So… Where to start?!

I am a full time Wife, Mama, Special Education Teacher, and part time health and wellness coach.

My husband, Micah is a Nurse. He is my best friend and my biggest cheerleader.  Micah keeps me on my toes with each of his new ideas, projects, and hobbies! He has taught me so much in the 12 years we’ve been married. I am constantly learning thanks to him!

My boys are Calvin and Miles. Calvin is a sweet, sensitive, old soul at the age of 4. He is our little fireman, always wanting to fix things and make things better (a rule follower). Miles, is a rambunctious, rebellious 2 year old cat child that I simply adore. We call him our cat child because he is Mr. Independent, will come to you or do things in his own time, and will come in for hugs and kisses on his terms. Not yours. Our boys couldn’t be more different, and I LOVE that.

I also cannot and will not forget to mention my furkids. Eddie is our oldest pup, going on 12. He likes to think he’s mean, but he growls while wagging his tail and licking your feet. Otis is our 10 year old middle pup, who is as loyal as they come. He will follow and protect us anywhere. Vixie, is our youngest (we think, as she was a stray we took in) and is our spunky girl. She loves to interfere with Frisbee or a game of catch, and will keep our free range chickens in line around the property (we live on 18 acres in Northern Michigan).

I teach in a center based program for students with multiple learning differences, that include cognitive and physical difficulties. In Michigan it is called an SXI classroom (severely multiply impaired). I like to think of each of my students as some of the most amazing and unique learners out there. I feel privileged and honored to learn from them on a daily basis.

I became a part time health and wellness coach in January of 2018, after realizing just how much I needed to make my health a priority. More on that another time, but for now, I will tell you, it has changed me in so many ways. Physically I am in the best shape of my life, Mentally, I have never felt more clear. Relation-ally, I have never had such amazing, authentic friendships, both near and far!

Life has been and continues to be one amazing, beautiful wild adventure. I can’t wait to share it with each of you!