I have buried deep in the dirt for awhile.
Floods have been rampant (years of pain, denial, anger, abuse)… I’ve been buried really F***ing deep, not quite ready yet to see what’s happened and why.
I’m learning all the things that make me, my life, and my purpose beautiful, no matter how messy my past.
I’m putting in the work to unlearn all the lies that have been said to me, pushed on me, and imprinted for far too long on my heart.
It. Is. Hard. Work
But I’m realizing like a seed that needs time, water, and sun, or a flower that’s stem strengthens with every storm or wind…
I am growing, I am withstanding all that’s blown my way, and I will continue to. My roots are deep, my faith shielding the adversity that’s trying to knock me down..
And I will be better for it.
A better follower of Christ.
A better wife.
A better mother.
A better friend.
A better servant.
My prayer for you today is that you don’t give up on yourself. Beauty awaits… be patient. Put in the work. Gods plans for you will be bigger and better than you could ever imagine. No matter how ugly the past.
It’s a beautiful thing.

growthmindset #ilovejesusbuticussalittle #rainbowsarecoming #momlife #therapysession #dothework #mindsetshift #yougotthismama #minihobbyfarm #homesteadinglife #myfaithwillnotfade #motivationmondays #lifeisgoodbecausegodisgreat #peaceinthestorm #joyinthejourney

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