Seasons of life

Big is 6, little is 4. Time is fleeting, watching a morning ritual slowly fade.
One boy, then the next, waking up from their deep sleep, to come crawl in my lap.
We talk about what dreams we had, what’s for breakfast, what should be accomplished in the summers day.
Then they hop down, 1 quickly, while the other (typically little) stays to snuggle a little longer.
Eventually there will be a day where this stops. No more hops in the lap, their legs will stretch and surpass mine.
It makes me sad sometimes.
Then, I remember, as with everything so far in parenting…
There will be new traditions, new ways to find joy and gratitude in the different seasons and phases of the boys growing up.
But for now, I’ll sit in the beauty of two little boys with their summer feet, snuggled up in my lap. Dreaming of what adventures we’ll take on today.

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