Joy in Quarantine

Laughter flooded the rooms of my house today. Catching pretend tigers and putting them in their cage (ie: throwing my boys on the couch), playing hide and seek, screams and giggles after each successful scare. Taking adventure walks to discover new things on our property, holding hands helping one another up a steep hill. Sitting in the glow of the morning sun, watching over my email as both kiddos quietly examine their school activities.

It’s been over a month since we’ve been in quarantine. Calvin, Miles, and I have had to learn “how to school” together. All three of us with different styles. Calvin, the structure, clear cut, “has to be perfect” kind of kiddo. Miles, the “stick crayons in your mouth like a walrus, draw as far outside of the lines as you can” kid. Then there’s me, somewhere in the middle. Let’s follow directions, but making it “your own” is acceptable, within reason. We’ve each had multiple days of frustration with one another; not listening, refusing to admit we were wrong (pride can run deep in each of us can’t it..?), “I’ll do it my way” mentalities. Sometimes tears, growls, or heads banging on the table. All three of us have taken turns. No joke.

This week we seemed to take a turn collectively. Each of us bringing our style and perspectives to the table, working together. I am so thankful to have the guidance I do from Calvin’s teachers. Their daily presence online and support have been so appreciated.

I know not everyday will be like this. Tomorrow all hell could break loose. At some point, it will, because, well, life happens…

We are quarantined. We aren’t going to be our best selves everyday, as we are all under stress, going through a situation unlike any other. We miss our friends, our outside of home life (our daily commute, work, occasional hide outs in the aisles of our favorite stores). Just to get a breather. However, today was a good and beautiful day with my boys, and I won’t take it for granted. Because in this time I’m realizing there is no prediction of what will happen and when, we have to roll with what we’re given, finding the joy in midst of uncertainty.

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