My guy.

My handsome Crumb.
Love him to pieces, even in drywall dust.

Let me tell you a little bit about this guy.

He is very particular about the positioning of seats in his vehicles. He is obsessed with a clean windshield. He loses and misplaces at least one thing everyday.. typically his phone, wallet, or keys. He is not a morning person. He needs a good 30 minutes to an hour to wake up.

People who don’t know him, think he’s an angry person, but as he would say “it’s just my face”. He is daily the hands and feet of Jesus, with humility and compassion that never fades.

He does laundry, washes dishes, offers to make dinner, gets down on the ground almost every night to wrestle the boys or play nerf wars. Micah involves the boys in everything, teaching them with patience, a whole lot of love, and that gentle smile.

He’s been remodeling our house. A man that can learn and apply just about anything he wants, leaving me inspired and jealous (and annoyed) at the same time.

He’s not once complained about any of the above.

He has checked on me everyday. Asking how I’m doing, holding my hand through the waves of emotions that come crashing without warning. Making me coffee, listening to my cyclical conversations without judgement, only grace and love.

He’s been my rock. In the weeks where I have felt washed away by the sadness and pain of loss, he has anchored me in peace.

I never thought I would have the marriage that I do. Having seen unhealthy relationships and marriages growing up, I wasn’t sure what I had signed up for when Micah and I got married.

Out marriage has been unlike any relationship or marriage I knew. I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s filled with mutual respect, admiration, kindness, sacrifice. It’s beautiful, joyful, challenging and faith filled.

I am doing life with my best friend, and even as difficult as life can be sometimes, when I’ve got this guy by my side, I know I’ll get through just fine.

I’m the lucky one.