Teamwork makes the Dream Work


This is a dad that came home from a 12 hour midnight shift back in May, slept two hours, got up and did housework. Then made dinner when I got home 12 hours later, so that I could put my feet up and read with my littles.

This is almost 12 years in, still best friends, talking about our days, our struggles, and need for another date night because while we may physically be around each other, we haven’t mentally unplugged and emotionally made time.

This is life with my guy. Our marriage isn’t perfect- we are human, we can unintentionally hurt one another with words or actions, but we get in the trenches and we work at it. Both of us. We sacrifice, we love hard, and we work hard.

This is me just saying thanks to my husband for being my guy. My support system, an amazing teammate in this parenting gig, my roommate that deals with my OCD tendencies, but most of all, my best friend.

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