We’re all just trying to figure out what we’re doing in this life…right?
I feel like in the metaphors of life, I’m in the plane, watching out the window as it taxi’s the runway. Not knowing exactly when I’m going to take off, if it’s going to be a bumpy ride, or if it’s going to be a joyful ride. Quite possibly both, but I’m still looking out the window, waiting in anticipation…
Thanks for checking out ahappyfitsoul. I guarantee that there will be some bumps, and some joys along the way, and I’m grateful you’re on the ride with me!
I love puns and metaphors. Better get use to it now.
Here, you may find vulnerability, sarcasm, humor, love, tips and tricks, project ideas, and well…basically everything I love to do as a hobbyist, mama of boys, and wife!